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    Getting Started

    Q: Why am I being asked for $100,000 in cargo and $1,000,000 in auto liability?

    Federal law requires motor carriers have a minimum of $25,000 cargo insurance and $750,000 automobile liability insurance. We will process contracts with carriers that hold this amount for insurance. However, we recommend the limits listed above to avoid limiting the freight available to you.

    Q: What kind of equipment and capabilities do you hire?

    We have a wide variety of customers with varying needs. The majority of our shipments utilize the following equipment and capabilities:

    • Dry van
    • Temperature controlled
    • Flatbed
    • Local
    • Specialized
    • Expedited
    • Overweight/overdimensional
    • Dray
    • Drop trailer
    • Team driver
    • Private fleet
    • Produce/perishables
    • Cross-border
    • HAZMAT
    • Tanker/bulk
    • High value

    Manage my payments

    Q: What paperwork is required to receive payment?

    Before the payment process can start, we must receive the following documents:

    • Invoice with C.H. Robinson load number
    • Original signed bill of lading (BOL)
    • Lumper receipts
    • Copy of the C.H. Robinson confirmation
    • Any other accompanying paperwork

    Q: Why haven’t I received payment for a load?

    There are several reasons why a load payment has not been released. The most common reasons include:

    • Missing or illegible paperwork
    • Load number is not written on each document received
    • An incorrect load number is written on each document received
    • Bill of lading (BOL) is not signed
    • Damage/shortage is noted on the BOL; in this case, your load representative will have to approve payment after reviewing the situation
    • The originals were mailed in for QuickPay release, but not addressed to the attention of QuickPay
    • Missing carrier invoice; a load confirmation is not an acceptable invoice; the invoice should contain the load number, balance due, and your carrier ID number.

    Q: What do I do about a discrepancy between a load payment and the amount on the invoice?

    If you notice a discrepancy in your load payment compared to the invoice amount, contact the office that booked the load in question.

    Our carrier services team can review a load and what was paid on a load (e.g., line haul, unloading, detention), but only the originating office can approve any discretionary amount for payment.


    Q: How do I set up QuickPay?

    Download our QuickPay setup packet. Once you read and agree to the terms and conditions, you can submit your QuickPay discount agreement form and EFT authorization form (if applicable) to the appropriate email address or physical address.

    Have questions about our QuickPay options or the setup packet? Call 1-800-326-9977.

    Q: Where do I send load documents for QuickPay?

    Where you send load paperwork depends on the load. Each rate confirmation sheet will specify an appropriate location for each load. Use that information to submit your paperwork.

    Q: Can I be charged for QuickPay service if I’m not a QuickPay carrier?

    While it is unlikely you would be charged for QuickPay if you’re not a QuickPay carrier, errors can happen. Certain situations could contribute to an incorrect QuickPay charge:

    • Load paperwork was received on a QuickPay fax line
    • Your paperwork sent to an office that faxed it to the incorrect number

    In the event of an error, we will refund the fee.

    Q: How can I lower my QuickPay fees?

    QuickPay fees are based on your current status within the Carrier Advantage Program. Talk with your carrier representative or your assigned office to gain a clearer understanding of your current status and what steps you can take to get a lower fee.

    Find and manage loads

    Q: Where do I send my load paperwork?

    Mail your paperwork to the payables center address shown on the C.H. Robinson fax confirmation. We will accept legible copies of the bill of lading if the originals can't be obtained. Accessorials must have prior approval to be paid.

    Q: Can I submit load documents via email?

    Yes. You can email load paperwork to LoadDocs@chrobinson.com. To ensure the fastest payment time possible, please follow these guidelines:

    • Include the C.H. Robinson load number as printed on the load’s rate sheet in your subject line.
    • Limit documents to one load per email. Do not combine paperwork for multiple loads in a single email.
    • Include the C.H. Robinson rate sheet to assist in document processing.
    • Attach only grayscale TIF, JPG, or PDF files. Other file types will not be processed. Check images prior to sending for legibility.
    • Limit attachments to 5MB or smaller. Larger file sizes will not be processed.

    Q: Can I get load tenders online?

    Yes. Talk to your C.H. Robinson representative about receiving and accepting/rejecting load tenders through Navisphere Carrier.

    Q: Can I get load tenders online when C.H. Robinson offices are closed?

    Not at this time. The best way to request a load outside of business hours is to email the representative who posted the load you want. When the office opens, they can contact you directly in response to your email.

    Q: Why are the miles listed on your website different than my miles?

    Navisphere Carrier displays mileage from PC* Miler®, which is only one of many different mileage programs available today. These miles are provided as an estimate for the load. They may differ from other, similar mileage programs.

    TRANSFLO® technology

    Q: How do I upload my documents using TRANSFLO $Velocity®?

    TRANSFLO $Velocity® is a fast and easy way to upload your documents. Follow these instructions:

    • Launch the TRANSFLO $Velocity® Client. (Be sure to first install the software).
    • Scan or attach your documents. When done, click "Finished Adding Documents."
    • Select C.H. Robinson as the broker from the drop down list.
    • Enter your T-Code, the C.H. Robinson load number, your invoice number, and the invoice amount. If you have a lumper, enter the lumper amount too.
    • Click “Next.”
    • Select the document type for each image.
    • Submit your documents.
    • Please note that the fleet ID to use for C.H. Robinson is RBTWV. And that $1.00 is deducted from the final settlement when C.H. Robinson processes your payment.

    For help downloading the client or using TRANSFLO $Velocity®, please call 1-866-503-5707.

    Navisphere technology

    Q: Should I use Navisphere Carrier or Navisphere Driver?

    Q: What's the difference between the Navisphere Carrier mobile app and the Navisphere Driver mobile app?

    Q: Are the load tracking capabilities the same on Navisphere Carrier and Navisphere Driver?

    Q: How much will Navisphere Carrier or Navisphere Driver affect my phone's battery life and data plan?

    Navisphere Carrier

    Q: What does it cost to use Navisphere Carrier?

    Navisphere Driver

    Q: How does Navisphere Driver work?

    Q: How do I notify my driver about an assigned load when they're using Navisphere Driver?

    Q: When am I being tracked using the Navisphere Driver app?

    Q: What if a driver no longer wants to be tracked using Navisphere Driver?

    Carrier Advantage Program

    Q: What if my carrier status changes?

    A grading period occurs each quarter that could potentially change your current rating. If your grade drops you to a new tier, you will have one more probationary quarter to return your rating back up to your previously categorized level. If your rating changes, your QuickPay discount rate will change the month following each quarter-end grading period.

    Carrier Advantage Card

    Q: What is my Carrier Advantage Card Carrier ID and password?

    Your Carrier ID and password were provided in two separate welcome emails when you registered for the program.

    You will need both the Carrier ID and password when accessing your EFS account. Please keep in mind that your Carrier ID and password should only be given to people who are authorized to make account changes.

    Q: What is my eManager secure entry code?

    Your secure entry code is a code you choose when logging into EFS’s eManager for the first time. You will use this code for security purposes; for example, when logging into eManager from a new computer.

    Be sure to either memorize your code or keep it recorded in a secure place. Only share your secure entry code with people who are authorized to make account changes.

    Q: How do I prevent unauthorized users or purchases?

    While setting up your program policy, you can select allowable items for cardholders. For example, limiting 250 gallons of fuel every 24 hours will help prevent unauthorized purchases. Please keep your cardholders informed as to what items they are allowed to purchase.

    Also, the information you require cardholders to provide at checkout will act as a protection for you and your cardholders. Only people with the specific required information will be able to use the card. Please keep your cardholders informed as to the information they are required to provide at the time of purchase. Examples of required information:

    • Driver ID #
    • Trip #
    • Unit #
    • Trailer #
    • Control #

    Q: What if one of my cards is lost or stolen?

    If one of your cards is lost or stolen, log in to EFS’s eManager to inactivate, delete, or place the card on hold immediately. Once done, the lost or stolen card is useless to anyone until the status is changed back to “active.”

    Q: Can my cardholders purchase fuel if they don’t have a card with them?

    Yes. Through EFS’s eManager, you can allow “manual entry” of cards. Notify the cardholder of the card number; they will then be allowed to enter the number by hand at the pump instead of swiping the actual card. Remember to switch the card back to “swipe only” when the cardholder has the card in hand again.

    Q: What if I have an emergency or an unusual situation that requires extra fuel or money?

    EFS offers an override option in their eManager tool for situations like these. After the override transaction has been processed, the override policy is removed and the previous card limits/locations return. If the override is for cash, please select the option for a “one-time cash advance.” Note: the cash will remain on the card until the cardholder depletes the funds.

    Q: What if I have multiple divisions requiring separate limits?

    EFS allows for multiple limits through eManager by creating default policies with separate defaults. This allows individual card management for companies requiring more specialized fleet policies.

    Q: What if I still have questions about my card?

    C.H. Robinson’s Carrier Advantage card is managed through EFS. Direct any further questions regarding your card directly to EFS. Their customer service department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call them at 1-888-824-7378.

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